ProLogium Taiwan introduces Groundbreaking Battery Technology

ProLogium: New Battery Technology Promises a dramatic increase of almost 80% in driving range of your EV achievable through a 12-minute fast-charge.

Salman Chaudhary, Founder

EV Car on a charger
EV Car on a charger

ProLogium introduces groundbreaking Battery technology

Promises a dramatic increase in the range of your electric vehicle (EV)

· ProLogium, a company based in Taiwan, has made a major breakthrough in the realm of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, with a remarkable near-80% increase in driving range achievable through a 12-minute fast-charge, as stated by company officials at a recent tech conference in Europe.

· During the conference, ProLogium unveiled the second generation of its solid-state power pack, featuring a lighter and more powerful flat, rectangular battery cell design, which surpasses traditional cylindrical concepts, as highlighted by CleanTechnica.

· According to a report by ArenaEV, the Mercedes EQE 350+ could witness an impressive 79% boost in its driving range, reaching up to 447 miles on a single charge. The report also noted a substantial weight reduction of approximately 254 pounds.

· ProLogium's innovative battery offers additional advantages, such as an 80% charge capacity within 12 minutes, as opposed to the 20 minutes required by traditional batteries. Furthermore, the battery demonstrates enhanced safety measures, as emphasized in a company video.

· Vincent Yang, the CEO of ProLogium, expressed the company's commitment to accelerating the electrification revolution and providing improved energy solutions to their partners, stating, "With a clear roadmap for capacity ramp-up and technology development, we are making an all-out effort to accelerate the electrification revolution by providing improved energy solutions to our partners," as reported by CleanTechnica.

· A distinguishing feature of ProLogium's battery design is the use of a solid-state ceramic electrolyte, replacing the liquid electrolyte found in conventional lithium-ion batteries. This design choice contributes to a more powerful and lighter battery, as explained by experts.

· Company officials also emphasize the sustainability benefits of their battery, which utilizes fewer raw materials, leading to reduced waste during production. Simon Wu, Assistant Vice President of the product center, highlighted this aspect, stating, "Production processes will produce less waste... which means increased sustainability and affordability," in a press release.

· ProLogium envisions the utilization of their battery in various forms of transportation, including planes, trains, and boats, as depicted in the company's video.

· ProLogium plans to commence test runs of EVs equipped with their innovative batteries in Europe by the end of the year. Additionally, they have announced the construction of a factory in Dunkirk, France, with an investment of over $5 billion, according to ArenaEV reports.

· In regards to their pioneering battery concept, CEO Vincent Yang stated in a press release, "It's part of another pioneering battery concept that will take EV battery design to the next level in terms of long range, lightweight, and design flexibility."